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NuvaRing : The Once-a-Month Birth Control

Why think about taking birth control every day? Learn about NuvaRing (etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol vaginal ring), a monthly birth control that helps prevent pregnancy.

Vaginal Hormonal Ring (NuvaRing®) - Young Women's Health

The vaginal hormonal ring is inserted into the vagina similar to a tampon. . The ring contains the same medicine that's in birth control pills, .

Should You Get the Birth Control Implant? Wellness US News

This Form of Birth Control is More Effective Than Having Your Tubes Tied A small rod implanted in the arm protects women from pregnancy for three years.

IUD Birth Control - Intrauterine Device BirthControl

Hormonal IUD's should be inserted within seven days of starting your period. If it is inserted afterwards, it is best to use another form of birth control for the .

IUD Types, Insertion, Pros & Cons for This Birth Control

Learn about the IUD (intrauterine device), a form of birth control. Side effects of IUDs include cramps, infection, spotting, heavy periods, infertility, and pelvic .

Implanon (Birth Control) Medical Information - Drugs

The Implanon implant is inserted through a needle into the skin of your . Start using another form of birth control right away if you wish to avoid an unintended .

Proposed Prescribing Information for IMPLANON Anaphylaxis


Nonhormonal Methods - Women' s Health

Nonhormonal methods of birth control include methods that provide a barrier between the sperm and the egg. Barrier methods are generally not as effective as

Mirena (hormonal IUD) - Mayo Clinic

Mirena (hormonal IUD) — Overview covers definition, risks, instructions for using this type of contraception.

12 Types of Birth Control - Health

12 Types of Birth Control sponsored stories. trending . It is inserted deep into the vagina, over the cervix, much like a diaphragm. Unlike the male condom, .

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The birth control pill is surrounded by misinformation. Get the facts on common concerns and questions about taking the pill.

Etonogestrel birth control implant - Wikipedia

Etonogestrel birth control implant, sold under the brand names Nexplanon among others, is a device made up of a single rod containing etonogestrel which is used for .

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Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control has been used since .

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birth control pills; work by hormones which block the LH surge which stop the egg from being released; . T shaped device inserted into the uterus by a physician; .

Compare Birth Control Methods on NuvaRing

You want to choose a birth control method that's right for you. See a chart that compares dosing of birth control methods at NuvaRing.

Which Birth Control Method Is Right for You? - Healthline

Which Birth Control Is Right for You? . Some women prefer it because they don't like the idea of having a birth control method that has to be inserted or implanted.

Implanon -Discontinued - Verywell

Implanon has been discontinued. This contraceptive rod was inserted into the upper arm. Implanon has been replaced by its newer version Nexplanon.

The Birth Control Implant SexInfo Online

The birth control implant, which is sold as Implanon® and Nexplanon®, is a form of hormonal birth control that is inserted subdermally (under the skin) in a .

IUD Birth Control Side Effects And Insertion Facts SELF

The IUD is then inserted through the vagina in an insertion tube, past the opening in the cervix, . Related: 7 Things That Can Make Birth Control Pills Fail.

Birth Control Ring - KidsHealth

The birth control ring is inserted into the vagina where it slowly releases hormones through the vaginal wall into the bloodstream to prevent pregnancy.

Additional Implanon Information - RxList

What if I need birth control for more than 3 years ? The IMPLANON implant must be removed after 3 years. Your healthcare provider can insert a new implant under your .

Birth Control: Implanon Contraceptive Implant

An overview of Implanon birth control, which was recently made available in the United States. Includes information on how the implant prevents pregnancy and the .

Implanon Birth Control Information for Teens

Implanon is a hormone implant used for birth control. A hormone-carrying plastic rod, the size of a matchstick, is inserted under the skin of your arm.

Implantable Contraception - KidsHealth

Implantable contraception (often called the birth control implant) is a small, flexible plastic tube containing hormones that doctors insert just under the skin of a .

New Version of Contraceptive Implant Is Easier to Insert

New Version of Contraceptive Implant Is Easier to Insert. Nexplanon Is Designed to Be Put Easily Under Skin by a Health Care Professional

The best form of birth control no one is using - TIME

By the time she was 17, . a flexible loop that's inserted in the . Bedsider is an online birth control support network operated by the not-for-profit National .

Essure Birth Control - Metal Coil Side Effects and Injuries

Essure Birth Control. The Essure Permanent Birth Control System provides women with an alternative to surgical forms of permanent birth control such as tubal ligation.

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If you rely on Essure for birth control before receiving confirmation from your doctor, . In rare instances, an Essure insert may be expelled from the body.

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Birth Control Methods. Q: What are the different types of birth control? . It must then be taken out within 30 hours after it is inserted.


27 BRIEF SUMMARY PATIENT PACKAGE INSERT Oral contraceptives, also known as "birth control pills" or "the pill," are taken to prevent pregnancy.